Yeh, I’ve Been Searchin’

By Lisa Rafaela Clair
Including monsters, science, being lost at sea, kings, falling, narcolepsy and song.
Presented at The Performance Project @The University Settlement House July, 2013

This new play is inspired by the final work of Dutch Artist, Bas Jan Ader, who in 1975 went “In Search of the Miraculous”. He built a 13 ft. sail boat and attempted to sail across the ocean. He was lost at sea, never to be found. This play is a meditation on those who have disappeared and the people who continue to believe they may one day re-appear. It calls into question the search for the miraculous with in us all and attempts to re-write history just a bit in order to ask “What if a miracle was found?”.

with: Max Dana, Siobhan Gandy, Hanlon Smith Dorsey, Jedidiah Clarke, Sara Scott, Sean McElroy and Tei Blow.

Media Design by Rob Ramirez
Choreographed by Sam Pinkleton
Monster Design by Angela Zamarelli