Regarding Hot Air Balloons

Written by Lisa Clair
Directed by J. William Herbert Sigmund Go
presented July 2011 at IRT Theater, NYC

Regarding Hot Air Balloons, the age old tale concerning levity vs. gravity, a brother and a sister, the miracle of hot air , the problem with kites, eating popcorn , singing, climbing mountains and the simplicity of soup. Written in spurts of both light and dark inspiration in the two years following the loss of a brother. In this odd and somehow magical time the world became foggy and warped, and strangely enough, anything seemed possible. The play is an investigation into how one encounters the world after they have experienced this kind of loss. We are led through our journey by a varied cast of characters that includes Andy Warhol, Jean Michelle Basquiat, Julia Child, Edith Piaf, The Back Fat Contessa, Balloon Boy and of course Hot Air Balloons

With: Siobhan Towey, Sara Gozalo, Martina Potratz, Hanlon Smith Dorsey, Thomas Mcginn, Melissa Chambers, Richard Saudek, Menelik Puryear and Sara Scott
Animations by Henning Koczy