Love Monster

Written in collaboration with Adam Collignon
Presented at Dixon Place, April of 2010.

A boxing drama, a psychological thriller, a ghost story and a love story about a blind boxer in the heyday of Atlantic City.
Blow by Blow, Round by Round, come see the Love Monster fight in the bloodiest and most thrilling battle of Ring History! follow Love Monster from his first kiss with Beatrice, his ever-present true love, to their final goodbye amidst an interstellar laser light show. Along the way he’s blinded by his father, becomes the greatest boxer of his generation, induces orgiastic fantasies with his punches in the ring, hitches a ride on a ghost train and makes you feel a little bit creepy for identifying.

Performed by Lisa Rafaela Clair, Adam Collignon, Emily Zimmer, Hanlon Smith Dorsey, Andrew Zimmerman, Prudence Heyert, and music by Andrew Lynch.
Animations by Henning Koczy